August 2, 2015 St. Anthony of Padua Church

Posted on: October 23 2015 | Posted in: What's New

   Friar Mariano D. Veliz, O.P. St. Anthony of Padua Church New Orleans, LA

August 2, 2015 St. Anthony of Padua Church. Eucharistic Procession led by Friar Mariano De. Veliz, O.P. : CTGS Eucharistic Ministry is blessed and honored to have Friar Mariano lead a Eucharistic Procession down Canal St. several blocks from the steps of St. Anthony of Padua Church towards Carrollton Ave. in Mid-City. Friar Mariano was ordained to the Priesthood of Jesus Christ on June 20, 2015 at St. Peter Catholic Church in Memphis, TN. "The sacred priestly ministry is heavenly. Today I had the great honor and blessing of guiding, nourishing and healing God's people with the grace of His Word; His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity; and His reconciling mercy. I have received so much joy and peace by administering these great Sacraments to the people of God. May God help me become more and more a wise, merciful and loving shepherd of souls after the image of the Great Shepherd of the Sheep, Jesus Christ." Thank you Friar Mariano for your love, dedication, and thirst for souls in serving God through the Priesthood of Jesus Christ.